Monday, June 25, 2012

Birther Gary Kreep pays to hoodwink voters, then denies being elected by uninformed voters

How much more proof do we need that judges should be appointed, not elected? We now have a judge who got elected by deceptive campaign tactics. How can we expect him to uphold the law?

Gary Kreep paid to fool voters, then denied that his win was a result of uninformed electorate

ELECTION: Kreep says right-wing views won't affect rulings as judge
June 23, 2012

Voters in San Diego County appear to have elected a conservative activist lawyer to a judgeship with the San Diego Superior Court.

Gary Kreep, 61 ---- known for taking on right-wing causes ---- said Friday that his views will not color his decisions on the bench.

According to the unofficial tally, Kreep surpassed his opponent, veteran prosecutor Garland Peed, by 1,702 votes in a judicial contest in which more than 406,000 ballots were cast. Kreep garnered 50.21 percent of the votes to Peed's 49.79 percent.

The result caught political observers by surprise, because prosecutors tend to be shoo-in candidates in judicial races....

Kreep says he used old-fashioned methods ---- shoe leather and slate mailers ---- to reach out to voters. He even ended up on a slate mailer urging voters to back Obama...

He credits grass-roots supporters, robo-calls, endorsements and slate mailers in a campaign he said he financed with about $55,000 of his own money.

As for those slate mailers, in an effort to reach out to Democratic voters, it turned out he bought into one with an Obama endorsement. It was especially ironic because, as an attorney, Kreep has worked on a couple of federal civil suits challenging Obama's eligibility to be president based on his birthplace.

Dismissing criticism

The San Diego County Bar Association rated Kreep as "lacking qualifications" to become a judge, a rating Kreep disputed as a decision rooted in politics.

He dismissed criticisms by people who said his apparent win is the result of an uninformed electorate.

"That implies that the voters are too stupid to know who they are voting for. That is an elitist, obnoxious view," Kreep said...

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